What to Expect When You Come for Counseling

Your First Appointment and What Follows


If  you have never been in counseling or therapy before, it can sound very  intimidating. So here is what to expect. You will come about 10 minutes early for your first appointment to complete some paperwork.  Counseling  sessions run about 50 minutes long. Once paperwork is completed, you  will go in a private office.  The first session is a time for you to  explain what is going on that has brought you into counseling.  You will  never be forced to talk about something you are not comfortable with sharing.  The counseling relationship is built on respect and  non-judgement.  

Your  second session is generally used for information gathering.  The  counselor will ask you about various things from your upbringing and  family, your current family or living arrangement, school history,  medical history, and things like that.  This helps give the counselor an understanding of many things that may be affecting your current concerns.  

Next,  some goals will be developed with the counselor.  This will help guide  the counseling process going forward. Your time and money are very  important to you, so this helps keep your counseling directed to make  good use of the time.  

After these initial tasks are completed then the general process of  counseling or therapy begins. Some clients find it helpful to prepare  for their session by bringing a list of what they want to talk about.  Others just come.  The counselor will ask what needs to be discussed in  the session, and counseling will begin.

What Does Counseling Cost?

Integrity  Christian Counseling is committed to providing professional services at  reasonable fees. The regular fee is $75 per forty-five minute session.  There is a standard charge of $85 for the first session (intake appointment). Premarital counseling is $60 per session.  Payment is expected at the time service is provided. Cash, check and credit cards  are accepted. Please call to inquire about counseling or to schedule an appointment; or if you have a specific financial need. (586) 817-2367